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The Bridal Veil

Posted on April 17, 2015 at 3:15 PM

What is your bridal veil style? Just as your bridal gown should be a portrait of your personality so should your veil or tiara. But I am focusing on the veil. There are many styles so let’s increased that bridal knowledge.

BALLERINA- a long veil, ending at ankle length.

BLUSHER- a short veil, about even with the chin and covers the face.

CATHEDRAL- a long veil that is 12 feet sometimes longer. Length is measure from the center of the head. (this one is gorgeous, just be certain someone spreads it for the full beauty before the walk down the aisle and the aisle is wide enough as to prevent catching a pew or chair).

CHAPEL- is similar to CATHEDRAL but shorter in length (7 feet).

ELBOW – is mid length between the fingers and elbow’

FINGERTIP or TIPS OF FINGER- is usually at the tips of fingers. (this veil usually require tailoring to the brides arm length).

FLYAWAY- is shoulder length and sometimes about an inch or two below the shoulder.

THE SWEEP- a long veil about 1 foot longer than the gown.

Now let’s match up your bridal personality with the gown and veil.


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