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Juanita's Enchantment



I am Juanita, your unique Wedding planner, better known as your "wedding personality specialist".  I developed this title from my profession in the health field.  As each patient requires an assessment, care and love. Yes I am a true believer that LOVE is a must have in the health field.  Each patient as a relationship develop has a small need will add radiance to their day, of course you must be able to establish that relationship to unlock this  need and once unlock  they will begin to laugh, enjoy  and appreciate life,  It is like adding a special topping to ice cream, and adding that topping each time you contact that patient  brings a warmth in my heart.

I utilize this talent with my  brides to  assist in unlocking their true personality and flavor.

I love planning weddings it releases many endorphins on the day of the wedding  when that bride walks down the ailse.
I do have other good and bad habits I will only share a few of my bad I love sweets so I have to exercise and run on a regular basis and it helps me with thinking,
I have to change my routine up regularly  to prevent getting bored. I enjoy shopping especially shoes and purses, and most of all I love my FAMILY.